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Rachelle Eason

Owner, Lead Instructor, Artist

Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio came to fruition because of Rachelle's dream to offer a studio where others could experience the magical properties of clay that inspire creativity and wellness.

Rachelle has taught a variety of art mediums in her thirty plus years of being a professional artist, but clay has been in heart since first working with it when she was a young child. She has spent decades traveling and showing her work in juried art exhibitions, Walt Disney World, and teaching at museums, galleries, and as an adjunct college professor.

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Chloe Prewitt

Instructor, Studio Assistant

Chloe came on board the Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio Staff when we first opened and has been invaluable to our success ever since.

In her own words...

I began my clay journey as a creative outlet during a gap year before graduate school, and had no idea that it would become such an important part of my life!

The thing I love most about clay is how the projects that turn out completely different than how I envisioned are the ones I turn out to love the most. Typically, I lean toward more earthy designs, but love exploring other styles! The studio’s environment is so friendly and chill, and I adore getting to know all of our members.

When I’m not at the studio, I love baking, rock climbing, and all things outdoors!

I hope to see you around the studio!

Diana Harrison

Instructor, Studio Assistant

The creative connection between Diana and Rachelle started years ago and they have been trying to work in a professional endeavor together for almost as long. Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio is the fabulous "clayground" that is making that happen!

In her own words...

Welcome! I’m Diana, an Instructor and Studio Assistant at Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio. I hope to guide others in finding joy, as I have, in pottery. Pottery is both fun and nurtures my creative spirit as an artist. I enjoy working with my hands and meeting new people at the pottery studio.

I have been taking classes with Rachelle for 9 years in a variety of art forms and for the last few years have been focused on pottery. During that time, I have deepened my love for pottery and creating in clay. I love expressing myself through clay and learning the different tips, tricks, and techniques!

In third grade. I made my first pinch pot. I didn’t venture into clay again for many years but quickly found I still have a love of Pinch Pots and all the things you can create with them. I am enjoying all the ways to create with clay! I look forward to being a part of your creative journey in clay!

We hope you join us for a fabulous adventure into clay!

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Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio • 4035 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida

Lady Vases Release

Blue Sky Porcelain Collection

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Upon retirement I was looking forward to renewing my interest in art classes, especially hand-building in clay, which I loved in college and never had time for during my career. I had no idea how lucky I’d be to find Rachelle’s pottery workshops. She is the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. She’s inspiring, talented, knowledgeable and fun. I look forward to each class and the projects we make or the excellent advice she gives me when I fall down a rabbit hole and strike out on one of my own wonky projects. She’s kind, encouraging, creative and a true artist and lovely person. I love our class time. Thanks, Boss.

-Debra Coker ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I can’t say enough good things about Rachelle Eason and her pottery classes. I would not have ever considered myself as an artsy person. But I have been a student of Rachelle’s for many years now. Artsy or not, it is such fun! It is great for stress management as well. You owe it to yourself to try a class or two. It will definitely get your creative juices flowing! It is self-care that goes above and beyond.💜

-Karen Chappell ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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About Rachelle Eason

Rachelle Eason has been an artist all her life. She is the owner of Marvelous Mud Pottery Studio in Lakeland, FL where she focuses on teaching adults in a progressive learning adventure in clay. She also produces own line of fabulously functional pottery.

Rachelle Eason is also the creator of Plant-Stained Paper... artistically designed with fresh flowers and leaves then boiled together for one-of-a kind designs.

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